GESSI – tapware and fixtures

Drawing inspiration from the simple beauty of water, Gessi has been designing and producing exclusive bathroom and kitchen furnishing items for more than 15 years and as of lately wellness fixtures as well. Nowdays, Gessi stands as an iconic reference in the taps industry for the outstanding design and technology of its products. The company sets the evolution trends for the whole industry, never giving up its role of the ever original and innovative market leader. The Gessi products are genuinely „Made in Italy“ and integrally „Made in Gessi“ in every aspect and component: they result from the special conjunction between a high tech production and the value added by the craftsmanship of passionate specialists. By join technical perfection to the beauty of a unique design, innovative Gessi collections foster a new perspective on the bathroom and kitchen environments: they no longer stand as mare practical places but as spaces to be enjoyed, invented and personalised. The Gessi collections can be easily inserted in avant-garde architectural spaces as well as in the classical ones.