FLORIM SLIM/4+ – A new solution

From Florim research comes a new proposal that revolutionizes the rules of the game in the ceramics sector. This is the arrival of slim/4+, the brand designed with people – not just buildings – in mind.

An innovative material with extraordinary performance features, slim/4+ adapts to new surroundings or renovations and offers a unique alternative to the traditional floor.

With the use of a special layering process, where the porcelain tile is combined at high temperature with a steel sheet and then pre-compressed, slim/4+ becomes ultra-impact resistant.

With a thickness of just 4.5 mm it adds only a very small layer to the surfaces to be tiled. This is why it’s the ideal product for renovations.


Standard routing

Easy to cut

Dry routing - Step 1

Dry routing - Step 2

Dry routing - Step 3

Dry routing - Step 4